About Us

The Cool Dude specializes in residential and light commercial installation and repair of most major brands of air conditioning and heating systems. The Cool Dude Air Conditioning and Heating crew could be likened to the Texas Rangers. They are quick to respond to problems and efficient in solving them. They are also courteous to women and children and have never backed down when confronted by a cantankerous cooling or heating system.


Problems are not solved by equipment alone, but it doesn’t hurt to have equipment from American Standard keeping your home comfortable. The Cool Dude has aligned himself with American Standard because of the quality of its equipment and the standards the company demands of its dealers. The Cool Dude says that his standards and theirs match up rather nicely.


The Cool Dude offers a maintenance program to help your system maintain peak performance. But you don’t have to have a maintenance program to get top-notch service. The first time you call with a problem, you’ll be amazed at the response and the service you will receive.

The Cool Dude is personified in its owner, Clayton Sheffield. Clay will take the time to explain what’s wrong, tell you what it will take to fix what’s wrong, and, generally, give you options that are available to correct the problem or help you plan the installation that is right for you and your situation.

Clay Sheffield is the Cool Dude, the best friend your air conditioning system will ever have.