Articles for July 2015

July Home Maintenance Checklist

  • July Home Maintenance ChecklistCheck all exterior walls for peeling or cracked paint. If you decide to repaint your house yourself, you can cut this job down to size by painting just one or two walls per year. Typically, paint on south and west-facing walls deteriorates faster and requires more frequent recoating than paint on north or east-facing walls.
  • Carefully inspect brick or masonry siding for cracks or missing mortar. Repair with fresh mortar or concrete caulk.
  • Inspect roofing material for cracks and loose or missing shingles and repair as necessary. If you have access to attic spaces, check underneath the roof for stains that indicate leaks, especially from “flashed” areas in roof valleys and around chimneys and vent stacks.
  • Inspect the operation of automatic light timers and motion-detector systems, especially if you plan a vacation.
  • Prune trees and shrubs so that branches do not come in contact with exterior siding.
  • Clean and repair cracks in concrete driveways using epoxy patching material. Repair asphalt driveways using asphalt patching material. Seal asphalt driveways every other year.
  • Inspect foundation walls for signs of termites –- tunnels or dirt bridges. If you suspect termites, contact a professional exterminator.

Houston July Weather Facts


Houston July Weather FactsWelcome to July! National Hot Dog and Ice Cream Month!

Temperatures in July average 94 degrees for the high and 75 degrees for the low.

Houston’s record high for July is 104 degrees set in 1954 and the record low is degrees 45 set in 1983.

The average humidity for Houston in July averages at about 85%.

You can expect an average of 4.63 inches of rain this month.

Fun Fact: The month of July was named after Julius Caesar.