Articles for April 2016

Air Conditioning Health Issues

Air Conditioning Health IssuesAir conditioners are the people’s solution for the constant rise of temperature over the recent years. Most homes nowadays now have an air conditioning unit, which gives them cool temperature even in the hottest of days. However, only a few people realize that being exposed to an air conditioned environment 24/7 can actually cause more harm than good.

You may think that walking into a room with a cool temperature is a big relief since you no longer have to suffer from the scorching sun. What most people don’t know is that air conditioners can bring harm to your body most especially to your skin.

Even though an air conditioned environment has a cool temperature, the air is considerably dry. Air conditioners will suck all the moisture inside a room and if you stay in that room, the moisture from your skin will also be sucked in. This causes the skin to be dry especially if you stay in an air conditioned room for several hours. And when the skin becomes dry, it will eventually become itchy. It’s even worse for those people who have naturally dry skin because their skin will become flaky once they stay in an air conditioned room for several hours.

Air conditioners will suck all the moisture from the indoor air and if it no longer gets moisture from the indoor air, it will eventually suck the moisture from your skin. And if you are constantly exposed to an air conditioned environment, your skin will eventually become dry, flaky and itchy. If your skin has run out of moisture, it will no longer be elastic. The skin will even become more prone to creases and wrinkles. Air conditioners can help in developing wrinkles over your body which is bad news since nobody would want to look old than their actual age just because of the number of wrinkles they have in their skin.

Stepping out into the heat of the sun from an air conditioned room or car so suddenly and walking into an air conditioned room while you just walk under the heat of the sun is not a good thing to do. This is very taxing to the body and may lead to other problems as well like headaches and flu.

As good as they maybe but air conditioning units can also bring harmful effects to your body. So you have to make sure that you stay in air conditioned areas all the time. Your home’s air conditioning unit should only be used during hot days. You also have to make sure that you limit the number of hours you are staying in an air-conditioned room. Not only that you can protect yourself from the harmful effects of an air conditioner, you also get to reduce your utility bills since you no longer have to use your air conditioning unit that much.

Saving Energy and Money: How To?

Saving Energy and Money: How To?Saving energy and money can be done in your home. By having an energy-efficient home, you can guarantee the safety and comfort of your family all while saving a lot of money! Making your home energy-efficient means you’ll have lower energy bills. You see, most of the people nowadays neglect the importance of saving energy. You can’t really blame them either since they rely mostly on appliances to help them in their day-to-day activities. But how are you going to be able to save energy to lower your energy bills when you rely on most of the time in your home equipment, appliances, and components?

Making your home energy-efficient can be considered as an investment. You need to decide whether you are going to do the major transformation to your house or not to make it totally energy-efficient. But there are also simple steps that can do a lot of difference already when it comes to saving energy and money.

In the US alone, a typical family can spend up to more than $2,000 a year on just their home energy bills. That’s a certainly a big amount of money to spend on your energy bills in a year. The good news is, you can lower that amount by 25% if you implement some energy-saving procedures for your house.

Here are some good tips that will help you save energy and ultimately help you save your money in the long run:

  • Don’t use your dishwasher’s drying cycle frequently, learn to let them dry naturally.
  • Let your clothes dry naturally. You should also let your hair dry on its own instead of using hair dryers or blowers.
  • Use a programmable thermostat so you can manage your heating and cooling systems properly and to also lower your energy bills.
  • Don’t forget to always turn off the appliances that you are not using such as TVs, computers, speakers, DVDs, and monitors.
  • Don’t wash your clothes every day using a washing machine. Wash your clothes when you have a full load of them.
  • Don’t let any of your home electronics to be left in standby mode. They can still consume energy even if they are in standby mode.
  • Don’t forget to turn off the lights in your room especially if nobody is in there.
  • Don’t forget to close the windows and doors in your house if you are going to turn on your heating or cooling system.

These are the no-cost tips for saving energy in your house so that you can lower your bills. Make sure that you keep these in mind all the time and that you let your family know the importance of these tips. If you get the whole family to join in your aim to serve energy and money, you’ll be able to pull this off easily.