Articles for August 2014

Indoor pets and your A/C

Many of us are animal lovers and we love the feeling of unconditional love we come home to everyday from our pets. We want them to stay cool during these hot summer months as much as we do, but having indoor pets brings about some issues to be aware of when thinking about your a/c system. Build up of pet hair and dirt can greatly effect the life of your air conditioning filter. A clean a/c filter helps tremendously in keeping your system clean so it can run properly. air conditioning, summer heat, a/c filter

  • Keep pet hair and dirt to a minimum as much as possible, especially where the air intake for your unit is in your home. This will help prolong your filter life.
  • Change your filter more often than recommended because indoor pets will reduce the life of your filter even with your cleaning efforts.
  • Keep in mind also that there are filters on the market that are designed to help reduce pet dander and allergens as well. This may be helpful in increasing the overall air quality in your home.

While it can be a little more work to maintain your a/c unit and filters with indoor pets it is certainly worth the effort because it will keep your unit running smoother and keep the air quality better throughout these hot summer months.



It’s HOT!! Give your A/C a helping hand..

With Houston temperatures hitting the triple digits this summer your air conditioner is working harder than ever to keep you and your home cool.a/c, air conditioning, Houston, summer heat

Give it a hand by doing some simple things to keep it running smooth.

  • Change your filter often. With your unit working overtime it may be necessary to change the filter more often during summer months. Keep in mind that indoor pets can shorten the life of your filters as well. Clean filters will help keep a/c coils working properly.
  • Check your thermostat. Making sure it is registering the proper temperature will keep you aware of any signs that something may be wrong with your system.
  • When away, adjust the temperature. Increasing the temperature while away from home by just 2 degrees can allow your system to get a little rest while still keeping your home cool. Not to mention save you a little money.
  • Get a check-up. Yearly check-ups from the professionals can help maintain your system in the summer months and extend the life of your air conditioning/heating unit.



Staying home during a hurricane?

hurricane seasonYou’ve prepared, and now the hurricane is closing in. You’ve decided to ride out the storm at home. Here’s some ideas to help you stay safe.

  • Prepare and mark clean containers for water storage. There should be a minimum of 1 gallon per person per day for 7 days.
  • Check your disaster-supplies kit again. Do you know where the manual can opener is?
  • Recharge to full capacity all electronics and then unplug them.
  • Offer your home to family, friends, and neighbors who may live in a vulnerable area or house.
  • Stay inside away from windows.
  • Stay tuned to radio and TV. Wait for the “all-clear” announcement. Remember, after the calm “eye” passes over, there is more storm to come.
  • Keep small pets in carriers. They will be more comfortable and are ready to transport quickly if necessary.
  • Turn your refrigerator and freezer temperature controls to their lowest settings.
  • Put bicycle helmets on the children.
  • Close all interior doors to limit flying debris



What to do as a hurricane approaches

boarding windowsIt’s the middle of hurricane season. You’ve already done your pre-hurricane preparation. Among other things, you know your evacuation routes, and you have a 5- to 7-day supply of food and water for each person in your family. Now a hurricane watch has been declared. What should you do?

  • Listen for weather updates.
  • Get your car ready with gas, oil and other maintenance issues.
  • Make sure your evacuation supplies are easily accessible and up-to-date with medication needs, etc
  • Board up your home’s windows.
  • Secure the flying missiles in your yard like lawn furniture, bicycles, and grills.
  • If you have a swimming pool, make sure it’s full and super-cholorinated. Cover the pump and filtration systems.