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Helpful A/C Filter Facts

Here in the Houston and Sugarland area using the air conditioner in to the fall months is not unheard of. With temperatures still averaging above 80 degrees everyday it is still a must to keep our homes and businesses comfortable. Although cooler temperatures are coming around it is important to make sure we are doing what we can to keep our a/c unit healthy. A great way to do this is to change your filter and consider upgrading to a better quality filter. Here are some helpful facts to get the best filter for your unit.

ac filter, air conditoningCheck the MERV Rating

This is a standard rating system that helps you compare a filters efficiency from different manufacturers on a scale of 1 (low)-16(high). The higher the MERV rating the better the filter performs at removing small particulates from the air in your home. Be careful though, your a/c system is set to perform best with a particular MERV rating so call your a/c technician to check on what your system requires.


If you have pets they may be spending more time inside as the weather gets cooler and wetter outdoors. For the best results look for filters that specifically address pet dander and pet hair. This will keep your system cleaner and the air quality in your home better. However, remember that you may need to change your filter more often with indoor pets.

Reusable/Washable Filters

Making sure to keep these clean is very important. Once a month they should be rinsed off and dried before putting them back in your system. These filters are more costly but do have a longer use spanning 5 years on average. They do not perform as well as some filters concerning small particulates but can be a great way to save money on your filter needs.


Indoor pets and your A/C

Many of us are animal lovers and we love the feeling of unconditional love we come home to everyday from our pets. We want them to stay cool during these hot summer months as much as we do, but having indoor pets brings about some issues to be aware of when thinking about your a/c system. Build up of pet hair and dirt can greatly effect the life of your air conditioning filter. A clean a/c filter helps tremendously in keeping your system clean so it can run properly. air conditioning, summer heat, a/c filter

  • Keep pet hair and dirt to a minimum as much as possible, especially where the air intake for your unit is in your home. This will help prolong your filter life.
  • Change your filter more often than recommended because indoor pets will reduce the life of your filter even with your cleaning efforts.
  • Keep in mind also that there are filters on the market that are designed to help reduce pet dander and allergens as well. This may be helpful in increasing the overall air quality in your home.

While it can be a little more work to maintain your a/c unit and filters with indoor pets it is certainly worth the effort because it will keep your unit running smoother and keep the air quality better throughout these hot summer months.



Why Does My Air Conditioner Need A Filter?

ac filterMost air conditioners have a filter of some sort within the system. Located in various places, it may be in the return grille or even in the duct system.

What is the purpose of the air filter?

  • Remove particles from the air.
  • Keep the system clean.

Over time, the filter gets plugged with more and more particles. This increases resistance and reduces airflow. That’s when you’re supposed to change the filter. How often you change the filter depends on how dirty the air is to begin with and how big the filter is.

What happens if I don’t change the filter?

  • The air flow decreases
  • The system will not perform efficiently.
  • The filter can become a source of air pollution itself.

Can’t I just take the filter out completely?

  • Particles will build up on the system’s evaporator coil.
  • Eventually the system would fail.

Replacing the filter on a regular basis is better for your air conditioning system both short-term and in the long run. It helps your system run efficiently, which gives you more “cool” for your buck. It also keeps your AC unit running as many years as possible. Figure out a reminder system and put it on the calendar. Hmm…maybe there should be a “Time to Change Your Filter” app for your smartphone!