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The Polar Vortex Reaches Houston

Photo Courtesy of HPD

Photo Courtesy of HPD

Most of our weather battles in Houston deal with battling the heat and the humidity.  Although we may never have the great Houston blizzard – this past week of near record low temperatures reminded us that we do need to know how to protect our homes from the cold weather as well.  Here are a few tips to help make the cold weather and the occasional snowfall a worry-free experience in Houston.

  • Checking your furnace BEFORE you need to crank it up is an must. Do not wait until it is 19 degrees!
  • Keep gutters clean and clear to avoid ice dams and damage.
  • If it’s forecast to freeze protect your pipes.  Wrap those pipes that are exposed, keep cabinets open to allow air to circulate and leave a trickle of water running through the faucets.

Stay warm!  It’ll be 105 again before you know it!