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Keep the Humidity Outside Please

No one enjoys high humidity that much, especially when accompanied by high temperatures. Whether it is hot air conditioning, houston, humidityor cool outside high humidity is something that does effect your central air system. During summer months in Houston this can be particularly noticeable because Houston is one of the most humid cities in the U.S. One purpose of having an air conditioning unit is to remove excess moisture from the air in your home to keep it more comfortable. When humidity levels are high it causes your unit to work harder to keep the moisture level and temperature in your home at a comfortable level. This not only puts wear on your system but can increase your energy bills as well. If you are noticing that you have more moisture in your home than usual, foggy windows, or even areas of your home that have a musty smell you may need to get your system checked out. It could be that something is not functioning properly or it could be that your system is not the right size for your home or business. One way to combat excess humidity is to have the professionals install a dehumidifier into your central air system to aid in the removal of excess moisture. Long exposure to excess moisture can lead to other problems such as mold growth in your duct system and even window sills. The key is to pay attention to the air quality in your home so that you can detect changes quickly and act to keep your system performing at its best year round.