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Leaking Air Conditioners

Leaking Air Conditioners

Leaking air conditioners are very messy and in most cases can be really frustrating. It can cause a significant water damage in your home. A small leak must not be left alone because it can end up getting bigger which will then add more to your problem. Small leaks are at first small inconveniences but if you continue to ignore them they can cause more damage to your home.

Why does an AC leak?

Leakage from ACs are primarily cause by the following issues.

  • Disconnected drain pipes

One of the primary causes of leakage in air conditioners, if the drain pipes or lines are not install properly they may loosen up over time. This will cause the drain pipes to disconnect from the air conditioner unit which then causes the water to drain through the ceiling.  If there’s something that’s clogging in the lines or drain pipes, it will still cause leakage but the location of the leak will depend on the location of your AC system and if whether your primary or secondary drain pipe is the one that is affected.

  • Clogged drain pipes.

If a drain pipe is clogged it causes your AC’s drain pan to overflow. This is one of the most probable cause of leaking air conditioners. As such it is only important that you call a professional to fix the issue for you. Clog in the drain pipes can be caused by rust, algae, dirt and other debris.

  • Pump issues

Another common cause of leakage in AC units is a malfunctioning pump. In some cases, a dirty pump can also cause water leakage in your AC. If a leak is cause by a malfunctioning or dirty pump can lead to flooding in your attic or basement.

Leakage in air conditioning units can also be cause by the following issues:

  • Dirty air filters
  • Low amount of refrigerant
  • Cracked condensate drain pan
  • Lack of p-trap
  • No air vent
  • Un-insulated ductwork

As with other air conditioning problems and issues, hiring a professional to fix your AC for you would be the best thing to do. Fixing a leakage in your AC unit is not a simple task.