This the arrival of Spring and Summer right around the corner it is a good idea to make sure your A/C is going to be working good and efficiently for this season and next, so your home will be comfortable and you will be saving energy when the weather gets really warm!

c700x420Do I need an upgrade?
If your A/C is 10 years old or older it would be a good idea to replace it. Newer units use much less energy and will cool your home just as well. Upfront costs will be higher, but your savings will be seen and felt for years to come. Also be sure to find a new A/C unit that has an Energy Star label and if possible go for the higher Energy Star Most Efficient label.

Setting your thermostat
To cut costs without sacrificing comfort simply change your thermostat to 78 degrees when at home and change it to 85 when you are away.

Get a tune up
No matter how well you take care of your A/C there will be parts that wear down or get dirty over the year, getting a tune up once or twice a year will keep your A/C good and healthy. The best times to get tune ups is during the spring and fall seasons in preparation for the harsher weather in winter and warmer weather in summer.

Air filer care
The A/C does a good job keeping the dust from continuously circulating throughout your home. After awhile though the filter that catches the dust will get full and make your A/C work harder. Filters need replacing every 1 to 3 months based on how dusty it has become. Check your filter monthly and replace it when it looks dirty.

Fans to the rescue
During mild spring weather used fans to cool your home. Fans require much less energy than the A/C. This means you can turn the thermostat to a higher temperature without sacrificing comfort. If you are using ceiling fans make sure they are set on the reverse setting (counter-clockwise) during the summer.


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