Spring is here and summer is on the way and that means you will want to keep nice and cool, right? Well if you are in the market for a new AC just know that buying a bigger AC doesn’t always mean you will be cooler. Getting a large AC to cool a smaller area won’t do it as efficiently as a smaller AC designed for the smaller areas. The reason for this is the larger AC will cool to the thermostat’s set point before the¬†dehumidification can occur. Central AC units need to be sized by a professional.

Cooling tips:

  • Set your thermostat as high as comfortably possible. The smaller the difference between the indoor temperature and the outdoor temperature the less your energy bill will be.
  • Try not to set the temperature lower than normal, it will not cool faster it will only work harder and cause unnecessary energy usage.
  • If you are using a window AC unit, consider a fan to go along with it to help circulate the cool air.
  • Avoid placing things that produce heat near AC units
  • If you are using an old AC unit consider replacing it with a more efficient Energy Star certified one, they can be up to 15% more efficient than other models.

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