health benefits from air conditioningThere are many health benefits from a good, clean air conditioning unit especially for those who live in hot climates. Air conditioning can create a healthy environment and deal with problems like dust, allergies, and help those suffering from debilitating conditions.

In the Air

Everyone can be subject to harmful effects from their environment. Even people in excellent health can suffer in high temperatures and fall victim to invisible airborne particles. Stale air, insecticides, fumes, and other problems always need management as well, even basic odors need addressing. While not harmful, odors don’t help you breathe easy. Modern day air conditioners can fix all of these issues!


Fatigue can be caused from temperatures being too high or too low. This type of fatigue can cause headaches, colds, coughing and general discomfort. Too much heat or cold in a home will use up your energy and make you feel tired, and not sure why. Dehydration can also be a problem in a home if the humidity is too low, and on the flip side if the environment is too humid you can lose water as your body tries to adapt to the environment by making you sweat.

Long Term

Without an air conditioner keeping these problems away, it can create stress in your home. Being unable to feel comfortable can increase the stress especially at night when temperatures can fall, and during peak hours of the day when it can rise drastically. Extra stress can lower your immune system making you more vulnerable to infections and illnesses.