Choosing A Portable ACPeople buy portable air conditioners because they are easy to move around. Portable air conditioners works the same with the built-in air conditioners you can find in buildings and houses. They will suck all the warm and humid air in the room and will then cool it and blow it back again to the room.

When choosing a portable AC, you need to know what you should look out for when you are in the market for one. Here are some important tips to help you figure out what you should look for a portable AC.

Remote control

Your portable AC must have a reliable remote control. You don’t have to go to your unit just to adjust the temperature in the room. With the use of a handy remote control, you can easily adjust the room temperature while you’re far away. You can also set timers and automatic modes for your portable AC so you don’t have the trouble of switching on or off your unit.

Power cord

Extension cords are really not recommended for portable ACs. This will void the manufacturer’s warranty once you use them with your unit. But, because portable ACs are power hungry, you need to use power cords to reduce the risk of overheating or fire. Make sure that the placement of your unit is relatively near to a power socket because there are some units that have short cords.

On/off timers

A portable AC unit won’t be called portable if it doesn’t have automatic on/off timers. These timers are extremely useful especially if you don’t want to use your unit frequently. These timers can also help you regulate the room temperature especially at night. You won’t have to sleep in a very cold room at night because you forgot to turn off your unit.

Operating modes

Your portable AC must have a lot of operating modes you can choose from. It must have an automatic mode, fan mode, cool mode, heat mode, or dry mode.


You need to know that portable ACs are known to be loud and distracting especially at night. You should take note of the noise it produces before you buy one.

Window kit

Your unit must have a window kit which includes filler panels that will fill in the gaps in your open window. This will also allow the hot air to be directed outside with the use of an exhaust hose.

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