AC Features to Look ForIf you have decided to get an AC unit this summer to help protect you and your family from high room temperatures and just stay comfortable, you may want to know the features to find from your unit. In that case, here are some of the AC features that you’ll want from your unit.

Quiet Operation

You don’t want to be disturbed by a noisy AC unit especially at night. Pick a unit that operates quietly. You can choose from packaged and mini-split systems for quiet AC. Mini-split systems are quieter and more unobtrusive. But packaged AC units are now equipped with more features to make their operation quieter than before.

Advanced Controls

You must pick an AC unit that’s complete with advanced control features like zone control. Zone control is one of the popular features of mini-systems that is controlled by a single internal air handler to save energy and to help lower your energy bills.

Variable Speed Systems

Packaged systems now come with variable speed blowers. These variable speed blowers can work on a lower spend whenever you want especially if the demand on the system is low. You can also make it operate at full speed when the demand is high. The low speed operation will help you save energy which means you can also save on your utility bills.


The size of an AC unit is the most important feature that you need to consider. You may think that bigger AC units are better because you think that they can cool your entire home. But picking a unit that’s too small will also not be able to cool your home entirely especially if the temperature goes high. When deciding the size of your unit, it’s best if you with 1 ton of equipment for every 550 square feet of living area.

These are the AC features that you may want to look for your unit. Be sure to find these AC features from your chosen unit or system so you can save money and help reduce your energy consumption at home. Determine the AC features that you need for you and for your home so you can select a purchase completely reliable air conditioning unit for your home.

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