It’s only normal to keep your air conditioners working especially in a very hot, sunny day. All air conditioners would be working overtime just to make people feel relieved from the scorching heat. But air conditioners may not be the best option for you when it comes to cooling yourself off. If you’re thinking that air conditioners don’t put your health at risk then you are wrong because here are some of the AC health problems that you probably don’t know yet!

Constant fatigue leading to illness.

Are you shivering in your house in the middle of the day or the night? Are you also shivering too much because of the AC in your workplace? If so, then your constant exposure to an air conditioner is what causes this problem. According to a research, people who are always in an air-conditioned environment feel more tired and suffers more from chronic headaches and constant fatigue. Those people who are working in building with high performance air conditioners pumping cool air may also suffer from breathing difficulty and constant mucous membrane irritations. If this continues, this will later lead on to flus, illnesses and more serious health problems.

May lead to more health issues due to your chronic illness.

AC systems are also known to increase the effects of a chronic illness that you may already have. ACs can increase the symptoms of arthritis, neuritis, and low blood pressure which causes your pain management to be poor because of the constant exposure to an air-conditioned environment.

Decreases your ability to adapt to high temperature.

People who spent a lot of time in air conditioned environment are slowly becoming intolerant of high temperatures. This is due to the stress that you put on your body when you move from a very cool environment to the scorching hot outdoor temperature. Being more intolerant to heat has increased the number of deaths when there are dangerous heat waves in some areas.

Leads to breathing issues.

ACs might serve as a savior in a very hot, sunny day but they are also known to be one of the most effective spreaders of germs and microorganisms that cause breathing issues. Some of these germs and microorganisms may cause some serious air-borne diseases like the Legionnaire’s disease, an infectious disease that causes high fever and pneumonia.

Causes dry skin.

This is perhaps the most obvious of all the AC health problems here. Spending a lot of time in an air conditioned environment can cause dry skin. You’ll end up having dry skin especially if you don’t apply some kind of skin moisturizers to your skin.

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