The subject of happiness came up the other day and there is a consensus on a few of the many ways people use to create happiness. At The Cool Dude AC & Heating, we try to do each of them and thought we would share some of ours in bolded text:

  • Practicing gratitude by focusing on what you are thankful for. We are thankful every day for all the amazing gifts we have – most importantly, the people in our lives!
  • Engaging in activities that bring you joy and fulfillment. We try to bring some fun into each day and each encounter and then choose to focus our off-time doing things we love.
  • Surrounding yourself with positive and supportive people. People are everything in our world. From our wonderful families to amazing friends and cool people we meet everyday. We love you all!
  • Setting and achieving personal goals. Only things that are measured are achieved. We try to create goals small and large and celebrate the successes.
  • Helping others and practicing acts of kindness. Our work with great nonprofits is fulfilling and keeps us energized.
  • Taking care of your physical and mental health through exercise, healthy eating, and self-care. We could all do better in this area but we strive to eat well, avoid unhealthy activities, stay active and use laughter to help our mental state.
  • Cultivating mindfulness and being present in the moment. It is by stopping to focus on what is happening right now that we create some of our greatest joys.
  • Finding humor and laughter in your life. The only time we are not laughing at something is when we are asleep – heck, we may even be laughing in our sleep. haha
  • Cultivate a growth mindset to see challenges as opportunities. A positive mindset goes hand in hand with goal setting. Growth and creativity breeds happiness.

Yes, being happy is easier said than done and we all fall short sometimes. But, focusing on some of those items listed goes a long way toward keeping us in a happy place and moving forward. When we drop by to fix what is sometimes a very unhappy moment for you, know that we are grateful for your business and just as happy as you when the job is finished correctly!

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