There are some surprises in life that we all love.

  •   “Bank Error in Your Favor – $200”
  •   Meeting your future spouse at the grocery store
  •   Finding a $20 bill in your “skinny jeans” after you’ve lost the weight to fit into them again

On the OTHER hand, surprise bills, not so much.

That’s why it is a good idea to get your AC/Furnace checked at least twice per year.

And, while everyone knows this is needed; you get busy, so it’s easy to forget to call about your check-up.   That’s why it is a good idea to have a maintenance plan.  You invest in an annual agreement and, when the time comes, your AC/Heating Company calls YOU to set up you appointment (which you paid for no surprise).    PLUS, if you do regular maintenance, it cuts down on surprise repair bills (THAT’S good).

Of course, if you’ve used the tips in our previous BLOG about How To Choose a Great AC/Heating Contractor, you will feel great about know your unit is in capable hands!

At the Cool Dude AC, we not only provide top-tier service for all of your Air Conditioning and Heating needs in Houston, Sugar Land, Stafford, and Missouri City; we also offer the best guarantee you will find anywhere for parts AND labor. We are a family-owned, local company that treats our customers like family; while being big enough to service our customers in a timely manner. Clay Sheffield started The Cool Dude to provide people with the type of service and care HE would appreciate.

For The Cool Dude, the ONLY acceptable customer satisfaction score is a 100! Call The Cool Dude Air Conditioning repair at (713) 773-2910.


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