In this series, Clay answers any questions you have relating to HVAC systems, maintenance, repair and replacement.  Clay’s focus is on getting the most efficiency out of your air conditioning and heating system.

HVAC, heating, air conditioning, repair, service, system. houston, sugarland, staffod, bellaire, the woodlands, fort bend, One of the questions we always seem to get this time of year is:

Q. Should I cover my air conditioning system during the winter?

A.  Well, in Texas it may get cold for a bit but we don’t have the heavy snow and ice you see up North.  That said, if you want to protect your system from ice and snow when it does show up, there is really nothing wrong – it will protect the paint job.  The problem comes in remembering to uncover it when the heat comes back.  That CAN damage a system fast.  Leaving your system uncovered is the safest bet.



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