dirtyairfilterChanging out your air filter is the MOST important thing you can do as a homeowner to protect and get the best use of your cooling system. The number one question we get is, “How often should my air filter be changed?”

The best answer seems to be –  WHEN IT IS DIRTY.  Well, duh! 🙂  But how do you know when it is dirty? Visual inspection is the key.

There are lots of factors that determine when the filter should be changed.   How many people live in the house, how many pets and what kinds of pets, anyone have allergies?  Are you doing home improvement projects or anything that might stir up more dust and particles?  The best bet is to check it at least once a month.

It may not need to be changed – but get into the regular habit of checking.  Add a reminder to your calendar – be it digital or analog – that will pop up to draw it to your attention.  Also – make a note of when it was last changed and, as long as the factors in your home remain fairly constant (ie not embarking on a complete kitchen remodel or deciding to foster 12 puppies), you will soon learn the timeline for your particular home and family.

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