cold-puppyDecember 2013

Average high temperature: 65
Average low temperature: 47
Warmest ever: 84
Coldest ever: 9
Average precipitation: 3.78 in

December 2013 had 18 days with lower than average high temperatures  There were 22 days with below average low temps. Fifteen of those were consecutive (December 5, 2013 to December 19, 2013) with cooler than average low temperatures. The coldest temperature was 32 degrees. The month of December had the largest fraction of cooler than average days in 2013 with 68% days having lower than average low temperatures.

January 2014

Average high temperature: 63
Average low temperature: 45
Warmest ever: 85
Coldest ever: 10
Average precipitation: 4.25 in.

January 2014 had 12 days with below average high temperatures. There were 22 days with below average low temps. The coldest was 25 degrees, with 6 days in January falling below 32 degrees.

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