warm feet by fireHouston homeowners are home-heating challenged! Keeping your home warm and comfortable can seem like a waste for just a few weeks in the winter. But when we have a frigid winter like this one, its necessary to have a dependable heating system.

The relatively cheap gas furnaces are common, but older models are notoriously inefficient and can be dangerous. You’ll probably see a difference in your monthly bills from a new gas furnace in Houston, but even newer models can’t match the energy efficiency of other heating alternatives.

If you are able to build your heating system from scratch, the most viable alternative is a heat pump. Heat pumps work by exchanging warm and cold air from your home’s interior and the outside air. Because heat pumps simply move air around, no original heat needs to be generated, making these units extremely efficient.

The real advantage of heat pumps is that your heat pump can also work as a “cooling pump.” When you combine your heat pump with an already established air conditioning unit during the full heat of a Houston summer, you’ll be able to keep your home comfortable and save mileage on an older A/C unit.

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