With Houston temperatures hitting the triple digits this summer your air conditioner is working harder than ever to keep you and your home cool.a/c, air conditioning, Houston, summer heat

Give it a hand by doing some simple things to keep it running smooth.

  • Change your filter often. With your unit working overtime it may be necessary to change the filter more often during summer months. Keep in mind that indoor pets can shorten the life of your filters as well. Clean filters will help keep a/c coils working properly.
  • Check your thermostat. Making sure it is registering the proper temperature will keep you aware of any signs that something may be wrong with your system.
  • When away, adjust the temperature. Increasing the temperature while away from home by just 2 degrees can allow your system to get a little rest while still keeping your home cool. Not to mention save you a little money.
  • Get a check-up. Yearly check-ups from the professionals can help maintain your system in the summer months and extend the life of your air conditioning/heating unit.



One thought on “It’s HOT!! Give your A/C a helping hand..

  1. Steven Lynn

    You’ve worked on my unit before. It tends to freeze up if we try to cool it too much during the day. Anything below 78 and it freezes. Granted it is about 100 outside. It can cool the house to the low 70’s overnight currently. I’ve learned to manage the freezes so I’m not certain I need anything — freon?

    Steven Lynn

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