Tips on Reducing Heat Loss in your HomeSummer ends and winter is coming but you’re getting higher electric bills. Check this out and find your perfect tips for you that not costly in your part just to reduce heat loss at home. Save energy, money and time.

  1. Keep the door closed and sealed it up- It is the easiest way to prevent the warm air from getting out and doesn’t take too much effort on your part as all you have to remember is to shut the door.
  2. You may used heavy, lined curtains which extend below the window frame and make sure to close windows to keep the warmth in.
  3. Your walls comprise most of the outer surface area of your home. Many homes have cavity insulation in the walls, and upgrading to a material with a higher insulating value might reduce heating bills.
  4. Try to find any holes in the siding. These include cracks, rotten wood and gaps in sealing. Focus your attention to outlets and pipes. Insulation around them tends to decrease and damage over time, creating rift in your winter protection.
  5. Covering the windows and sliding balcony doors with clear plastic film can reduce that loss. The transparent film is inexpensive and you can find at home centers. The film is easy to place on and won’t damage your trim, and if you put it on correctly you’ll barely notice it.
  6. Putting insulation on your attic is also one of the effective way on reducing loss because hot air rises and escapes on your roof.
  7. Electric wall outlets and switches is notoriously drafty that can cause heat loss. To stop the leaks, remove the cover plates and fill small gaps around the boxes with acrylic latex caulk. And finally, don’t forget to close the damper in your fireplace when not in use. If you have glass doors in front of the fireplace, keep them closed as well. An open fireplace is a great escape route for hot air.

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