If it’s 100 degrees outside and your Air Conditioning system has decided to take its own summer vacation; what you want to know is that you can call someone who will make you a priority and get it fixed. It’s one thing for your neighbor to need a little refrigerant; it is another for your eggs to be boiling in the carton before you can put them in the refrigerator.

So, when you call for Air Conditioning repair service in Houston (or anywhere, really), you should expect that the customer care manager/dispatcher will:

  1. Clearly acknowledge your need for service;
  2. Re-state your issue, to show that they understand your problem;
  3. Act on your request in a timely manner (note that the best companies will prioritize you if you mention any physical concerns, such as pregnancy or the presence of seniors);
  4. Follow-up with you to verify resolution f the problem and satisfaction with the company’s response.

In order to ensure that your concern will be handled as efficiently as possible; have the following information easily accessible when you call:

  1. Contact Information;
  2. Your problem/need
  3. The Business/Home address, and location of equipment;
  4. Type and Age of Equipment;
  5. If you have a Maintenance Agreement;
  6. Medical/Age-related issues that may affect prioritization.

The best Air Conditioning Service providers will not only fix your problem; they will also treat you with great courtesy and help you get back to being cool and comfortable as quickly as possible!

At the Cool Dude AC, we not only provide top-tier service for all of your Air Conditioning and Heating needs in Houston, Sugar Land, Stafford, and Missouri City; we also offer the best guarantee you will find anywhere for parts AND labor. We are a family-owned, local company that treats our customers like family; while being big enough to service our customers in a timely manner. Clay Sheffield started The Cool Dude to provide people with the type of service and care HE would appreciate. For The Cool Dude, the ONLY acceptable customer satisfaction score is a 100! Call The Cool Dude Air Conditioning repair at (713) 773-2910.

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