When you call for an Air Conditioning Service Technician, there are certain expectations that the most professional providers will satisfy. These are especially true, since you are inviting this person into your home or business.

The Technician will:

  1. Have excellent customer skills – very simply, they must listen well; ask clear questions; and treat you with respect. This is particularly true when you call them and it’s 100 degrees outside, and you feel frustrated because this was the last thing you wanted to be thinking about that day.  The professional technician will respond with empathy to your situation.
  2. Present themselves, their uniforms, vehicle, and tools in a professional manner.
  3. Have excellent and systematic trouble-shooting skills. This is where the best companies have experienced technicians; and then apprentice their younger technicians systematically.  Today’s HVAC systems are “smarter” and more complicated than ever before; so having expert  knowledge goes a long way towards providing you top-quality service. Great companies will easily be able to provide references; and, if you check them out online, they have excellent recommendations on-line at places like Yelp and LinkedIn.
  4. Be familiar with the specific job requirements.
  5. Be available to complete the call.

The best Air Conditioning Service provider does much more than show up, read a manual, and attempt to fix your Air Conditioner. The provider will treat you, your house, your business, and your equipment like it is his own; so that you get back to being cool quickly and are elated with the service you receive!

At the Cool Dude AC, we not only provide top-tier service for all of your Air Conditioning and Heating needs in Houston, Sugar Land, Stafford, and Missouri City; we also offer the best guarantee you will find anywhere for parts AND labor. We are a family-owned, local company that treats our customers like family; while being big enough to service our customers in a timely manner. Clay Sheffield started The Cool Dude to provide people with the type of service and care HE would appreciate. For The Cool Dude, the ONLY acceptable customer satisfaction score is a 100! Call The Cool Dude Air Conditioning repair at (713) 773-2910.

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